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Internship Hours and Graduation Requirements

If you still have not completed all of you 120 Internship Hours, please come see Mr. Bell immediately!

All Studen

All Students need 120 hours of Internship to earn their Internship Credit that is required for Graduation. These hours can be earned from many places including but not limited to: Jobs, Internships, Job Shadow, Community Service, Volunteering, Office Helper, Teacher Helper, Youth Coaching, etc... If you need ideas on how to earn your Internship Hours, come see Mr. Bell

The Internship Hours Bulletin board has been updated in the Social Studies Hallway. If you think the number on the board is inaccurate, come see Mr. Bell to talk about it.

There is an new Internship Opportunity Bulletin board in front of Mr. Bell's Office. Check it out for Internship Ideas.